Promoting wellbeing begins and ends with the natural world.

The Sustainable Spa Association is a non-profit organisation established to assist the spa operators in becoming an environmentally friendly force for change. We believe the spa industry has a responsibility to protect the world in which we live, and to take care of the natural resources which we rely so heavily upon. The natural world is at the heart of our industry and by becoming a member of the Sustainable Spa Association, you are joining some of the world’s leading spas to commit to making change, maintaining best environmental practice, and being pioneers in the continued efforts towards environmental consciousness and sustainability.

We are an established network that is growing rapidly and we believe the spa industry should be a leading industry for environmental causes. Spa is about the essence of wellbeing, and this begins and ends with the natural world. It is our responsibility to ensure we are using the world’s natural resources as responsibly as possible, and not leaving a footprint for future generations. Wellbeing is the ultimate message, and we believe this should extend to wellbeing of the world around us.


of spas think environmental issues are important to their customers


of spas want to make environmental improvements in their day to day operations


of spas believe education and employee engagement is needed to achieve improvements


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