Promoting Wellbeing begins and ends with the natural world

The Sustainable Spa Association is a global network of leading spas, spa and wellness suppliers and sustainability leaders, dedicated to making positive change within the spa industry; through education, support and accreditation.

We are a member based organisation that assists spa and wellbeing businesses around the world in working towards a structured and sustainable business model incorporating the pillars of sustainability; People, Planet and Profit.

Our members, partners and consumer network share the values that the spa and wellness industry is best positioned to lead environmental, social and economic  change in relation to human health for future generations.

We partner with The Global Wellness Institute to deliver The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals initiative as well as collaborating with many of the  Global Spa and Wellness Associations.

Through a range of campaigns, education and a globally recognised accreditation, the spa and wellbeing sector is now widely recognised for its efforts towards a sustainable business future.

Individual membership with us is free of charge to all spa and wellness professionals. For business rates and accreditation please check the membership and partnership pages.

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