United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – How do they apply to Spa?

The United Nations is calling on companies to play a big role in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 and your business’s operational practices are an important part in reaching this goal.

What are the UN SDGs?

While we’ve been making unprecedented economic and social gains over the last few decades, that growth has come at a cost to our people and planet.  We have  reached a tipping point where it’s no longer sustainable.

The UN SDGs promise action on 17 critical social and environmental issues, from ending poverty and homelessness to protecting the planet to fighting inequalities, by 2030.

They replace the Millennium Development Goals, with one of the biggest differences being the greater role companies and individuals have to play. While 193 world leaders have signed on to tackle the SDGs, governments can’t achieve them alone. So the 17th goal is a call for businesses and citizens to step up to collectively and systemically solve the world’s biggest issues.

How to put UN SDGs to work

Think of the SDGs as an incredibly powerful employee engagement opportunity. By incorporating the goals into your workplace giving and volunteering programs, at a grassroots level, you’re creating a sense of shared purpose for your people that will connect them to your company, their communities and the world.  Beyond social impact there are also tangible business benefits around attracting, retaining and engaging top talent who are looking for deeper social and environmental values from their employer.

We know today’s workforce cares about social and environmental issues: 81% of Millennials say they expect businesses to act on the SDGs, according to a 2016 Corporate Citizenship study. By combining a top-down approach of operational and sustainability practices with the power of your people, you’ll be well positioned to have greater social and business impact.

As a wellness leader your spa can create a company-wide movement that gets to the heart of SDGs with the help of your team and your guests.

Members of The Sustainable Spa Association have access to our guidance and initiatives on how to take part and help achieve these goals by 2030.

Lets naturally start with goals 3 & 6 Health and Wellness!

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