Let’s talk – Tracey Brasenell shares more insight about the launch of Sacred Nature

What were the key reasons Sacred Nature was Developed?

As you know at [comfort zone] we are a luxury, experiential, spa & skin care company that has sustainability, people and the planet at the heart of everything we do. The Planets overconsumption and over-reliance on fossil fuels has caused: • An excess of CO2 in the atmosphere. • A loss of Biodiversity. • A global climate crisis –

Minimizing our impact is not enough anymore. We need to regenerate our planet through A CLIMATE-POSITIVE APPROACH.  Conscious consumers expect brands to act, they seek reassurance and transparency.

[ comfort zone ] has decided to play a leading role in bringing about radical change with skincare that is not only effective and safe when it comes to regenerating the skin, but that also actively contributes to regenerating the planet, helping to mitigate the climate crisis. 

Tell us about the sustainable processes involved in developing the Sacred Nature range?

These are our values..

FULLY TRACEABLE ITALIAN SUPPLY CHAIN The active ingredients of Scientific Garden Extract™ have been developed by our laboratory and cultivated in collaboration with selected organic farmers in Italy. Transparency and quality. 

REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE TO FIGHT THE CLIMATE CRISIS A set of organic farming techniques that contributes to the CO2 sequestration in the soil, increasing its fertility and reducing air pollution.

BIODIVERSITY PROTECTION Support rare and ancient plant species, essential to restore the balance of entire ecosystems, making them more resilient to climate change.

BIO-FERMENTATION TO MAXIMIZE ANTIOXIDANT EFFECTIVENESS Dual technology that combines enzymatic extraction with fermentation, highly sustainable, without chemical solvents. + 22% antioxidant activity vs. enzymatic extraction.

PACKAGING  Glass and Tin are used as they are infinitely recyclable materials. – Our outer boxes are crafted with 100% FSC recycled paper. – Labels are crafted with 99% FSC recycled paper.

What other commitments does this range achieve?

The Sacred Nature range is certified Organic ECO CERT, Suitable for VEGANS, EWG CERTIFIED. The range has a positive impact on the environment as it has a NEGATIVE CARBON FOOTPRINT (we compensate more CO2 than we produce). The Social impact: We support local farming communities. We are also a proud member of 1% for the planet.

What products and treatments are available within Sacred Nature?

The Sacred Nature range provides two stunning facials for those who are environmentally conscious: Our 1 hr facial is for those looking for nourishment, lifting and radiance. Our 30min facial delivers a boost hydration and leaves the skin fresh and soft. The range is compact yet effective and consists of: Cleansing Balm, Youth Serum, Hydra Cream, Nutrient Cream, Exfoliant Mask, Body Butter and a hand & body Soap.

What are your personal favourites?

My two favourites are the Cleansing balm and the youth serum. The balm melts onto the skin and effortlessly glides over the skin emulsifying all trances of make up, dirt and pollution, with the addition of water it turns to a milk and is removed easily. The serum is light and absorbs quickly into the skin leaving the skin looking visibly healthier and more youthful. With the unprecedented times we are all living in and the associated stress people are living with, the one hour regenerative facial, is a must (when lockdown has finished), to truly relax and unwind and achieve radiant, smooth, firm skin.

How can we find our more?

Please do visit our website: www.comfortzoneskin.com we would love to hear from you with any questions and enquiries.