Let’s talk – Martin Howitt from Scrummi Spa shares their success in 2020

Scrummi has become the leading provider of biodegradable towels for hair and spa.  What is the material they are made of?

Scrummi’s are made from 100% soft and natural biodegradable wood fibres from certified sustainable sources. They start life at Cedar and Eucalyptus trees – cellulose from the wood is used to produce the fibres that we bind together to make our towels.

Do you consider the environment in the manufacture, transportation and disposal?

Absolutely, we apply innovative and sustainable processes for eco-conscious manufacturing. The energy used in the entire lifecycle of a Scrummi Towel including its manufacture is 90% less than the energy used by washing machine to launder a single cotton towel. 

Scrummi’s are produced in the EU, so shipping is kept to Rail and Sea and our courier services have an extensive eco delivery program in place with the goal of being the ‘greenest delivery company on the planet’.

With regards to disposal; we produce a guide for all of our customers – the best way to dispose of a Scrummi is with your organic waste, our towels are completely compostable!

Why was it important for you to achieve the Seedling Certification in 2020?

Scrummi are the first disposable towel brand in Europe to achieve Seedling compostability certification. We’re really excited about this! We believe that when it comes to claims about sustainability, it’s not just good enough to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. More and more brands and suppliers to the Hair and Beauty market are making eco claims which don’t stack up. It was important to us to back up our claims. What better way than by having our towels independently tested.

What assurances does this give Scrummi customers?

The Seedling test confirms that all of our Scrummi waffle towel products will biodegrade completely within 12 weeks.

Does this certification cover the product and the packaging?

Our seedling certification covers all of our waffle products; white and black. It doesn’t cover our packaging at the moment. We are working hard to reduce any plastics in our packaging and have already achieved this across 75% of our product range. 

Whats new for Scrummi spa in 2021?

After such a difficult year for the industry we’re hopeful that all of our customers can return to work. Scrummi will continue to educate on the benefits we offer, time and money saved and increased hygiene levels. We are also working hard on other Sustainable initiatives which we hope to tell you more about later in the year.

You can learn more about the environmental benefits brought about by Using Scrummi towels in your spa by visiting www.scrummispa.com