Monthly Archives: February 2021

Meet Stephanie and MeetthefiveRs

Stephanie Hodgson is our campaign partner and the brains behind our #spawastenotchallenge launching this week. Stephanie currently runs a project called MeetthefiveRs, referring to the five R’s of a circular economy: reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and return. This is an information sharing platform that is open source and non-profit. Through collaboration with local businesses and […]

Circular Economy EXPLAINED

We are proud to partner with Stephanie Hodgson from @MeetthefiveRs. This post is part of our collaborative series which will introduce you to the CIRCULAR ECONOMY and eventually our #SpaWasteNotChallenge.  Written for the Sustainable Spa Association by Stephanie Hodgson from MeetthefiveRs Traditionally, we have taken or extracted materials from the earth and our natural world, […]

Consumers are making sustainability a growth opportunity for our spas

88% of consumers want you to help them make a difference. Does your spa help people make choices for the better? In Futerra’s survey of over 1000 consumers in the U.K. and the USA they discovered that 96% of people feel their own actions such as donating, recycling or buying ethically made a difference to […]