Meet Stephanie and MeetthefiveRs

Stephanie Hodgson is our campaign partner and the brains behind our #spawastenotchallenge launching this week.

Stephanie currently runs a project called MeetthefiveRs, referring to the five R’s of a circular economy: reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and return. This is an information sharing platform that is open source and non-profit. Through collaboration with local businesses and organisations, she has compiled a portfolio of inspiring case studies and practical how-to guides. She also curates a unique social media feed to share positive environmental news, focussing on the individuals who are helping to bring us all closer to a circular economy.

The result of Stephanie’s seven years of university study is a well-rounded, multidisciplinary education. The culmination of those years is a first class MA in Applied Linguistics from King’s College London which she concluded with a dissertation based on her own research. She was invited to return to China to conduct experimental research with students at Tsinghua University Primary School where she had worked previously and that data formed the basis of her final work.

Since then, Stephanie has become integral to the development of a UK-based zero waste shop, Seed1, and co-produced several expansions to the business with its founder and directing manager, Lora Wilson. At the same time, she worked alongside a diverse assemblage of local environmental groups to create a unified organisation, Marlow Climate Action Network, with the primary objectives of increasing cooperation and avoiding duplication of efforts.

Stephanie has also completed Business Sustainable Management at The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership which looks to business, finance and government to lead our economy towards delivering the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This course allowed her to more fully appreciate the climate crisis from political, social and economic perspectives.

If that were not enough, Stephanie is now working towards an MSc in Sustainable Development with the goal of conducting new research that will draw on the database of information she is amassing through MeetthefiveRs. She plans to carry on her work with the open source platform and various side projects for the duration of those studies. We will continue to collaborate with Stephanie to strengthen and build on our campaigns.

Our #spawastenotchallange begins with a series of education for our members on Circular Economy. The challenge involves finding just one waste stream from your spa that can be kept out of landfill in line with the principles of the Circular Economy Model.