We are Recruiting Five New Board Members

Our Mission
We are a Not-For-Profit organisation that was founded to address the challenges faced, and to accelerate the ability to apply sustainability into global spa business practices.
We offer our spa members the tools, services, and education to support sustainable change from within their spa business, using data driven resources and innovative environmental initiatives from within and outside the spa industry.

Our People
We are a newly formed team. Our Board was established prior to the launch of the Association in August 2020. The four of us are experienced business and spa professionals that have an invested interest, over many years, in sustainability from our different and diverse disciplines in leisure, spa and wellness.

The Role of a Board Member for The SSA
The role of a board member is a two year voluntary position that brings the opportunity to collaborate and further develop the association. A board member is expected to be an advisor and contributor of valuable expertise for the continuous improvement of the association and its members. The board guides the direction, strategy, education and activities we deliver to our members.
We work on a pre-agreed agenda for discussion at the meetings and we like our board members to play the role of an objective challenger using quantitative and qualitative business skills to help structure and analyse our objectives and strategy. All Board Members are expected to bring a culture of transparency, open communication and a personal desire to further improve the performance of the association.

The Board is an integral part of how we operate. As an international organisation we welcome board members from any part of the globe. This in turn helps us as an Association to understand varying perspectives and challenges.
We are based in the U.K. with with a global audience in the spa and hospitality sector. We have a diverse audience from group spas to unique one-off properties with very different needs and goals. We can offer you the opportunity to contribute to our impact worldwide.

Learn More about the available Board Roles using the links below or visit our Team Page here

Water Management Consultant

Waste Management Consultant

Energy Management Consultant

Group Spa/Leisure Sustainability Director

Sustainable Business Management Consultant