Arbatax Park Resort awarded as the best Eco Resort 2020

In 2020 The most natural Resort in Sardinia wins the World Travel Awards as “Best Eco Resort in Italy and Europe”

In Ogliastra, Sardinia, we find one of the five blue areas in the world, home of the Centenarians, which captivates not only for its incredible crystalline sea but for the charm of its traditions, for the authenticity of its people and its history, for its silences, and for its powerful nature that embraces and cares.

Here, between horizons that blend between the blues of the sky and the sea and the greens of gardens and parks , in the municipality of Tortolì, is the Arbatax Park Resort.

Arbatax Park Hotel and Resort Wins The World Travel Awards 2020 as an Eco resort

Arbatax Park Hotel Resort , already awarded last year as “World’s Leading Eco Resort”, in November was awarded two further and important international awards. He received the World Travel Award 2020 for the categories “Italy’s Leading Eco Resort” and “Europe’s Leading Eco Resort”. The Tourism Oscars once again recognises the resort’s excellence for its policies aimed at protecting the environment and the various activities aimed at eco-sustainability.

The Location

Arbatax Park is located on a peninsula of over 60 hectares of unspoiled nature.

Inserted within a large natural park, inside it you can count over 500,000 plants, more than 500 animals and 5,000 meters of walks and continuing with the numbers, every day 500 people take care of the Guests and the Park. Immersed in the park is also a wellness centre and spa . Here the protagonist is water as a source of natural well-being and health. In the park, nature is sovereign and everyone can choose their experience among the infinite possibilities. For example, you can grow and harvest vegetables and legumes in the organic garden . A project that comes from Nature and becomes hospitality in respect of the natural cycle, its biodiversity and the territory that hosts it. Here nothing is wasted but is transformed to resurrect in a new life.

Why ECO?

At Arbatax Park Resort everything is designed to protect the environment, thanks to the various eco-sustainable activities that are carried out every day.

  1. Recycling and use of alternative energies –  separate collection, which exceeds the 90% share; the recycling of paper , which comes back to life and becomes litter for the farm animals; the recycling of glass , which once melted, allows the guests of the Resort to try their hand at creating art objects by participating in fun workshops held by internationally renowned artists; the composting of all the organic material coming from pruning and cleaning operations, which becomes humus for the plants and the vegetable garden; the recovery of dry branches, which become poles for the fences, wood to feed the bread ovens or the fires of the roasts and, sometimes, furnishing accessories for the rooms; the recovery of rainwater , which is conveyed inside a quarry and is reused for irrigation of gardens and lawns.
  2. Organic crops – the network of solidarity gardens , over 100,000 square meters of land adjacent to the Resort that supply their products at Km 0, for the needs of the Guests. The goal is to be able to create a network of local producers under a new certified organic brand “Ogliastra Blue Zone” 
  3. Environment and Reception Spaces  – the “Garden of Wonders” which was once a golf driving range will become a multi-sensory garden for adults and children . A large ancient door will mark the entrance and crossing it will open a magical space between flowers, fireflies and butterflies. Inside, various attractions, an outdoor library, spaces for practicing yoga, the gym of the olive trees , a cinema among the stars , a house of the Janas (house of the fairies) and much more; the VIK, an exclusive project born from the love for children with the desire to help the little ones transform the holiday into an opportunity to discover and experience their creative side through the relationship with nature and art.

The proclamation of Arbatax Park as “Best Eco Resort in Italy and Europe” is therefore not surprising and indeed confirms and enhances the previous awards won and accredits the structure as the true reference point for eco-sustainable tourism in the world.

Cinzia Galletto – Journalist Turismo del Benessere and Ambassador for The Sustainable Spa Association

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