The first ISO certified spa in the world

My 360-degree consultancy led as a final result to confer an important certification to Preidlhof as the First Spa in the world that guarantees well-being through constant ISO control . My meeting with Siborg, an internationally known company for certification in terms of energy and environment, meant that the world of certifications met that of spas , hence the first ISO system developed for spas was born . An important step towards guaranteeing and protecting health within spas that allows for the creation of parameters and standards shared by all spas in the world. A certified spa guarantees in the field of

1. RECEPTION – that is, a perfect management of the customer from his first access to the spa; 

2. SANITIZATION AND HEALTH – constant control that guarantees cleaning and disinfection of all the rooms and tools used in the spa; 

3. TRAINING – updating staff training and checking their curricular and professional credentials; 4. ENERGY SAVING – personalized advice on the possibility of activating measures to optimize water and light consumption; 

5. SUSTAINABILITY – guarantees the creation of a sustainable spa that is in accordance with local and environmental needs. I am really proud to have been among the protagonists for the creation of the FIRST ISO CERTIFIED SPA IN THE WORLD .

The holiday that transforms

Mind, body and psyche find in the holiday a moment of profound encounter and through the sensory experience they experience new dialogues and balances. The Preidl Way is a lifestyle and the holiday becomes a “Transformational Journey”.

The  Preidlhof Luxury Dolcevita Resort  opens the 2020 season with a new philosophy and a new concept. Thanks to the intervention of  Patrizia Bortolin , a spa consultant with an international star experience, today  the Preidlhof  finds a new soul and focuses on the concept of a holiday experienced as an opportunity for transformation

The prices

An established excellence in terms of well-being, the  Preidlhof , over the years, has received the most coveted international awards and recognitions. In 2019, among others, he won the  Tatler Spa Award  for the infinity pool and the  Condé Nast Traveler  for his approach to refined and “healty” cuisine.

The Concept

Wellness at Preidlhof becomes a lifestyle and thanks  to the new concept  accepts the challenge of  transforming the holiday into a moment of personal regeneration  that involves the human being in his totality. The focus of the rich menu offered by the  Destination Spa  offers an  integrated well-being  between medicine, awareness and authentic sensory experiences.

A  holistic approach  that embraces mind and body to rediscover  positive energy  during a stay of the highest level surrounded by a thousand attentions and followed by an integrated team with long experience of doctors, body therapists, masseurs: all professionals of international caliber specialized in different areas.

From Ayurveda, to the most sophisticated check-up techniques, the holiday becomes a time to devote to the knowledge of oneself and others through never banal paths of deep knowledge and  authentic transformative experiences.

The energy of the place

Talking about energy belongs to the  nature of this place  whose frequency has been measured by experts in geomancy and terrestrial magnetism. In fact, in the Preidlhof underground there is a powerful source of positive energy . In ancient times, in places like this, characterized by the presence of such high frequencies, temples, sacred or cult buildings were built, precisely because undergoing these powerful radiations helps man to recollect himself, to inner research, in a word to find himself. The Preidlhof stands on a special place which, thanks to the new approach, is now ready to express its soul in the best possible way.

The two spa paths: hedonic and eudamonic

Two virtual paths that intersect in search of  authentic and profound well-being : on the one hand the search for pleasure, the beauty of a gratifying external realization, on the other, paths of knowledge, emotional experiences for a journey towards oneself, through one’s roots towards one’s inner “daimon”. Hedonic and Eudemonic , to quote  Aristotle ,  two paths that converge towards a full and satisfying self-realization and the rediscovery of a new inner energy. Hedonic or lover of beauty, relaxation, idleness and pure pleasure, and eudaimonic who knows that true happiness is achieved thanks to that state of fulfillment coming from the deepest realization, recognition and acceptance of oneself, of one’s values, limits and virtues.

In the spa these philosophical concepts are translated into specific programs that divide the  Spa Menu  into  two macro areas : the first embraces the Hedonic side and includes all those treatments that belong to the  sphere of pleasure, beauty, sensory language ; the second Eudaimonico includes packages and treatments that lead  to deep exploration, involve the world of emotions up to the point of care and health through the experience of oneself .

The Medical Spa

The rich and original offer of the medical spa also belongs to this sphere  , where the expertise of Dr. Angerer and his staff is aimed at prevention and an  integrated state of health . Thanks to sophisticated diagnostic systems, such as the HRV measurement for heart rhythms and the Prognos which detects the state of energy balance of the individual, all programs aimed at health are carried out with  extreme and accurate personalization .

Aromas, essences, colors, sounds, all perceptions become the protagonists of an experiential journey of transformation that takes place thanks to treatments that involve the psyche, the soul, the emotional part of each individual. Among these, the  Glowing Flow, a program created by Patrizia Bortolin, is a lifestyle that, translated into wellness experiences, for the spa becomes a program focused on relieving emotional and personal loads . During the program created by the master therapist  Stefano Battaglia , thanks to dialogues and manual techniques molded on individual people, new inner balances are achieved.

The Staff made of excellence

Many means are used to achieve these objectives: first of all  the great professionalism of tutors, therapists and all the staff   able to guarantee maximum results by focusing on proven and cutting-edge techniques thanks to sophisticated high-tech tools combined with the most ancient Eastern and Western traditions reinterpreted for contemporary society.

Among the many packages you can find the  Transformational Journey  a mix of experiences and emotions to embark on a  journey of  inner transformation , or simple  relaxation  but always with the aim of  improving your lifestyles by  looking for deep meanings and  new awareness  in the rituals of everyday life.

Even the time to sit down at the table becomes an opportunity for personal growth. A more conscious approach to  food lived as an experience of the senses . A concept that goes beyond the idea of ​​diets and deprivation (so fashionable today) to arrive at a  healthy cuisine  that pays attention not only to “what” but also to “how” you eat.

Transformational Wellness , a spa holiday to find the desire to get to know each other, to explore the senses and enter into one’s emotions. All accomplished in a total immersion in nature, such as the “walks” in the woods led by  Irmgard Mossmeler:  authentic sessions of profound experience of the territory and knowledge of all its resources.

At Preidlhof the environment is the real protagonist and enjoys particular attention in its various aspects: such as the  view that sweeps  while immersed in the swimming pools or from the windows of a room or a sauna, and the attention to ecological themes that they can also be appreciated in the choice of materials.

In a  Preidlhof holiday , all the senses are involved to merge into  a fulfilling and unique experience  that embraces the whole being, creating the prerequisite for a change of perspective and lifestyle. Preidlhof Way of life: feel your energy and penetrate your essence .

Wellness at Preidlhof is a  philosophy of life  that is breathed in every area of ​​the resort. Intended for an exclusive adult clientele In all environments, silence, peace and tranquility are the basis for reaching that state of harmony and serenity essential to  rediscover a profound dialogue  with oneself and with one’s partner.

Patrizia Bortolin – Wellness Project Manager & Director Preidlhof

“I am back in South Tyrol after many years of traveling around the world and 5-star projects that have guided me in the  creation of a  truly original course of study and experiences close to the needs of contemporary wellness researchers. Giant steps have been taken in South Tyrol, I am admired by the professionalism and seriousness with which the wellness offer has been carried out and I feel an enormous benefit from being immersed in order, sustainability and an admirable balance between efficiency and nature. With Preidlhof we will add the missing piece that is  my passion: transformational wellness  and the experiential and sensorial approach to life and health “.

Klaus Ladurner – Owner of Preidlhof

“The tradition of our family sees customer service as a continuous search for attention that can please our guests, daily details in which we try to prevent needs but also create small surprises, a search to make the holiday as comfortable as possible. possible and full of entertainment possibilities  linked to well-being  and  nature  , but also giving a  real result for health . This last point is fundamental for me and for this reason we are now ready to capitalise on the experience of many years and the great investment made in the resort through  a new concept tailored  to our home.

Written by Cinzia Galletto

Journalist – Tourismo del Benessere, Member of the Jury for Green Travel Awards, Ambassador of the Sustainable Spa Association, Concept Strategy & Spa Communication Designer – Blu Communication

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