Associations Across the World Partner with The SSA to Address Sustainability Needs in each Region.

Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Coalition, The Spa Industry Association (USA and global), The South African Spa Association and Beaute Industrie (Australia) together with The Sustainable Spa Association have agreed a mutual partnership to understand and support Sustainability across the Globe.

All the Associations have addressed sustainability with their members and have all agreed that a mutually supportive relationship is a great way forward and the best way to share global sustainability initiatives with Spa professionals.

Together, they can start to gain insights into the most pressing sustainability needs in each geographical location. Sustainability is a broad subject encompassing Social, Environmental and Economic aspects and the balance of needs can be vary greatly in differing locations. These partnerships give an opportunity for a better understanding of analysis of the different needs to create reporting that the industry can benefit from.

The SSA believes in the spirit of collaboration for the most effective developments in sustainability and are able to offer a platform for deeper understanding that we hope will lead to cross cultural support, knowledge and connection.

Co-Founder of The SSA, Lucy Brialey says

“We are so happy to be able to facilitate this collaboration. Our aim has always been to address sustainability in a way that is truly relevant to spa operators. These partnerships mean our industry sector will benefit from regular reporting and solutions for sustainable business performance strategy” 

“The aim of the SSA is to decode some of the complicated and often conflicting information that is out there and make it tangible and relevant to Spas. Members of our partner Associations will benefit from a reduced membership fee to The SSA to easily access our focused education, campaigns and research”

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