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Is it Possible to Keep Spa Textiles in a Circular Economy Business Model?

ReBlend: Near Circular Textiles OVERVIEW The challenge. Manufacturing textiles is most often incredibly resource-intensive, putting great pressure on natural ecosystems, water supplies and water systems, and so on. Very little textile waste is salvaged or recycled as most ends up either in landfill or being incinerated The solution. ReBlend brings together people from along the textile value […]

June 5 will be celebrated as World Environment Day around the globe on Saturday.

It is the biggest awareness campaign, which launched by the United Nations in the early 70s. It is that time of the year when civil societies, environmentalists, school students and global leaders take a moment to reflect upon the impact of human activity on Mother Earth. With the climate crisis making some irreversible changes to […]

Van de Sant: Circular furniture manufacturing

As part of our #SpaWasteNotChallenge highlighting the concepts and benefits of A Circular Economy, our partner Stephanie Hodgson of MeetthefiveR’s has carried out a series of case studies with our trusted Brand and Spa Partners to find out more about the great efforts they go to to keep waste to a minimum, use responsible materials and keep […]