June 5 will be celebrated as World Environment Day around the globe on Saturday.

It is the biggest awareness campaign, which launched by the United Nations in the early 70s. It is that time of the year when civil societies, environmentalists, school students and global leaders take a moment to reflect upon the impact of human activity on Mother Earth. With the climate crisis making some irreversible changes to our lives as we know it, World Environment Day is also the time to think about unique, workable solutions that can help in resolving issues such as deforestation, plastic pollution etc.

What is the theme of World Environment Day 2021?

Reimagine. Recreate. Restore-this is this year’s theme for World Environment Day. According to the United Nations, this World Environment Day, the human population must resolve to bring about little changes in its lifestyle that can help restore the natural order of things. Be it ban on single-use plastic or infusing more green in our concrete jungles across the cities, we must recreate and reimagine ways to help Mother Earth heal.

What is the history behind World Environment Day?

It all started in 1972. It was then the United Nations General Assembly or UNGA established World Environment Day. Since then, it is being celebrated every year with new and relevant themes for each year. This year, Pakistan is the host country for the World Environment Day celebrations.

What is the significance of World Environment Day 2021?

This year, it’s all about restoring the natural ecosystem. This year, the UN wants each nation to pledge for reversing the mindless practices that are polluting our cities, coasts and forests. If we are able to bring back some lost glory, we would be able to prevent millions from falling in the ugly trap of hunger, displacement and diseases.

This year, the United Nations will also launch ‘UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration’. It is a 10-year plan that will make the authorities think on the path of stopping the degradation of the ecosystem. It is also the year to see how the coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to quieten the everyday pace and see the impact of human activities. We can’t turn back the clock, but we can definitely change the world for the better. Think green, plant more, use eco-friendly material, make sustainable spa the buzzword!