Preidlhof aiming for SSA Gold Accreditation

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A unique Wellness Philosophy has helped Hotel Preidlhof inch closer to achieving the SSA Gold Accreditation for sustainability. The luxury hotel, located in South Tyrol, is hoping to secure the accolade during 2021, after having already achieved a Silver accreditation in a recent SSA audit.

Preidlhof has already become the first spa and wellness property in the world to be awarded ISO 17679 Hotel Wellness & Spa certification – which recognises the highest levels of hygiene, sustainability and quality of services provided. It has also passed the Quiet Park certification and was recognised by the Muse Hotel Awards as a “World Class Holistic Spa”.

At the heart of the sustainability-focused “Preidlhof Way” is the balancing of hedonic and eudaimonic wellbeing – an approach in which “pure pleasure meets a deeper sense of self, purpose and meaning”.

“Our goal is to promote a lifestyle with a ‘hedonic’ approach to the present, to savour this, while also bringing an ‘eudaimonic’ approach to the past and future, to make them count.” said Patrizia Bortolin, spa designer and holistic coach at Preidlhof.

“True health and happiness resides in finding the right balance between the two.

“This balance flows seamlessly through the entire Preidlhof experience: from the stunning location to the luxurious accommodation and fabulous cuisine; from the spa, through to the treatments, programmes and classes.”

In the spa, the two philosophical concepts can be seen in the specific programmes which divide the Spa Menu into two areas. The first, Hedonic side, features treatments that belong to the sphere of pleasure, beauty, sensory language. The second, Eudaimonico, includes packages and treatments that lead “to deep exploration, involve the world of emotions up to the point of care and health through the experience of oneself”.

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