A dose of vitamin Bee…

Spa hotel operator Barons Eden has made a bee-line for an innovative way to help tackle climate change when it comes to sourcing food items. The company – which operates two Sustainable Spa Association member properties (Hoar Cross Hall and Eden Hall) – has installed a number of beehives at its hotels.

“At Barons Eden, we recognise the importance of climate change, and that it is now regarded as one of the greatest challenges affecting the world today.

“We understand that we all have a part to play, and the impact that our actions have on the environment around us, our staff, and our guests. That’s why we are always on the lookout for sustainable and local food suppliers to provide fresh, seasonal ingredients to our guests.

“We’re proud to have more than 20 beehives across our two properties, Hoar Cross Hall and Eden Hall. Overseen by our resident beekeepers, Griff and Stuart, the honey collected is used in several delicious dishes served on our menus, including the mouth-watering Honey Roast Bacon Loin at Eden Hall, a favourite among our guests.

“Barons Eden is committed to change and to become a business that puts sustainability first.”

To find out more about Barons Eden’s sustainability practices (and the beehives) visit: https://baronseden.com/sustainability-policy.