Tracy Brasenell speaks to SSA on long-term sustainability improvements by staff

Sustainability has never been more important than it currently is, in our ever-changing, COVID-19-disrupted world. 

As employers, we’ve seen first hand how members across our teams have become even more engaged in sustainability and more mindful of their own impact on the planet – partly due to the pandemic. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for all wellness businesses to encourage staff to get more involved. We have an opportunity to utilise this increased interest and to connect colleagues to sustainable practices and involve them in sustainability training.

It isn’t a one-way learning path either. As individuals become better versed in environmental issues and learn about sustainable practices, we have an opportunity to listen to the great ideas they can contribute.  

Sometimes discussions about sustainability, the environment and climate change can daunting – at times, perhaps even too big. Where to start? The problem is real and it is here. So far, 1,900 local governments in 34 countries have made climate emergency declarations. Protesters disrupt daily lives to make themselves heard. 

While it is easy to feel overwhelmed, it is also easy to forget that even small improvements/changes can all add up to positive change.

In our industry energy is a large contributor to carbon emissions. The small, sinple changes we can make – such as energy-saving light bulbs, turning plugs off when not in use, assessing washing/drying solutions – can all have a big impact. From experience, having a company sustainability ambassador can bring the team together to continually make these changes that can help move a company towards its sustainability goals.

This is where the SSA comes in – to provide training, education and solutions which help deliver sustainable change within our industry. Changes that can create a lasting, positive impact on our planet. 

Tracy Brasenell, board member, SSA