What gets measured gets improved

Hello from Robert Cooper

I can’t believe that this month it’s been three years since Lucy and I met in a café in Birmingham, UK and agreed to work together to form what would become the Sustainable Spa Association.

Back then, in 2018, no-one had heard of COVID-19 or the challenges that it was to bring to our industry over the coming years. We did, however, understand the environmental challenges we were facing and thought that it wouldn’t hurt to have an organization, with no commercial agenda, helping guide and encourage us all towards a more sustainable future.

Three years on and the environmental challenges have not changed – in fact, we’d argue they have become even more pressing. The problem we face in the spa industry is this: spas are consumers of large amounts of energy and create waste and pollution as part of our daily operations, but most people working in spa are overwhelmed by information and ideas about how to improve their operation and don’t know where or how to start improving.

We always tell our members to start with measurements. Working on the established practice of “what gets measured, gets improved”. You need to start by measuring energy, water and waste. Only when you know this, can you start to improve and reduce.

We’re pleased to announce that this month we have opened our Sustainable Impact Assessment to all members. With the climate crisis that we are all aware of and already experiencing, we understand that all of our members need help in establishing their starting point on their journey to Carbon Neutrality, or even better, Net Zero. 

We feel that opening the assessment encourages further understanding, helping sustainability take shape. This is a positive educational process – not a test. 

It’s an insightful assessment which is easy to use and I’d encourage all members to spend a couple of hours exploring and using it. It helps you understand where you are today, your strengths, weaknesses and where the easy wins are. Work your way towards 55%+ and you can apply for full SSA Audit and Accreditation, with all the benefits that brings.