“A very encouraging business revolution happening right before our eyes.”

Hello from Lucy Brialey, Co-Founder and Director of The Sustainable Spa Association.

2021 has been an exceptional year for focus on sustainability matters with the mindset and activity from the Global Spa and Wellness Sector certainly not being left behind but in fact being given a prime time to shine.

The conversation around sustainable wellness, lifestyles and responsible business has been rising throughout the year as the path to COP15 and COP26 approached and the last month has been buzzing with interaction, debate, goal setting and pledging for change for the future.

The sense is that of a very encouraging business revolution happening right before our eyes, meaning that human health and planetary health are being valued equally to economic prosperity in the eyes of governments and businesses on the whole.

At the SSA we have seen a positive shift toward sustainable development coming to the forefront, this coupled with the elevated level of conversation around the subject means that everyone feels part of the process whether they’re taking their first steps or revealing advanced innovations that have taken years to come into the mainstream.

The other wonderful aspect that sustainability encourages and allows is collaboration.  For our sector, recent collaborations and business fusions have been ground-breaking and will change the course of industry going forward especially in the areas of sustainable real estate, health tech, circular economy, waste/packaging, nutrition, water stewardship and biodiversity.

It is important, now that we have had this year of focus on sustainability as an everyday topic, that it stays at the forefront of our business development. Over the next few months, we will be sharing benchmarking and targets, opening further campaigns, and highlighting the priority sustainability trends that will underpin our efforts to support the spa and wellness sector in 2022.