New SSA Brand Partner #Organics and La Rue Verte are innovating the wellness and wellbeing sector with rise in CBD products and biophilic design

#Organics (Hashtag Organics) is an innovative and passionate industry leader specialising in the development of CBD-based products for the UK and international market. Spearheaded by Managing Director, Emma O’Neil, the organisation has gained success through its operational ethics, commitment to sustainability and their policy of underpinning all practises with education and integrity, making them perfect partners for the SSA.

Inspired by a visit to a private country estate, #Organics created La Rue Verte (The Green Street) – a luxury CBD Skin Care brand designed exclusively for luxury spa and resorts, providing a treatment and experience to bring people to their happy place and envision their own paradise. 

A cannabinoid, like CBD, is a chemical compound that acts upon receptors in the endocannabinoid system that are found throughout the brain and central nervous system. Central to the body’s function, the system is key to the regulation of everything from appetite, energy metabolism and fertility, to sleep, mood, inflammation and memory. 

There is virtually no function in the human body that does not benefit from a healthy endocannabinoid system, with CBD used on the skin helping to protect the skin, condition the skin, provide antioxidants and anti-sebum. 

Speaking of the new partnership, Emma O’Neil, Managing Director of #Organics, said: “We’re delighted to become brand partners of the SSA and believe our ethos and values align perfectly to ensure an impactful and long-lasting partnership. 

“Last month, La Rue Verte established our Environmental Framework which articulates our belief in the importance of a crucial set of values that our company would follow, which we called the Vertu Verte (Green Virtues). 

“There’s an unprecedented opportunity in every industry to apply sustainable practises more readily. The success of sustainability is focused on two interconnected themes, human and planet health, and empowering people to feel connected to nature, and we hope to use our brand as an opportunity to fuel that emotional connection and make better choices with us.”

In order to demonstrate their environmental credentials, Emma and the team have integrated internal sustainability policies to minimise their operational impact, ensuring they deliver plant-based, biodegradable hemp and CBD products for spas. Not only this, but #Organics have made it’s products 100% plastic free and have begun working with RAFNXT+ – the world’s first labelling material, verified by the Carbon Trust, to help mitigate climate change.

Lucy Brialey, Co-Founder of the Sustainable Spa Association, welcomed the new partnership, saying: “The work Emma and the #Organics team has been remarkable, and with their new environmental framework and commitment to promoting and including sustainability, they are the ideal partner to join us on our journey.

“La Rue Verte has gone from strength to strength and it’s refreshing to see a company within the wellness industry integrating sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices and procedures into the fabric of the organisation. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!”

Taking their commitment to the environment to the next level, La Rue Verte recently partnered with leading horticulturalists, Benholm, and award-winning DJ, Brian D’Souza, to create “La Chambre Verte”.

Based at Kimpton Blythswood Square in Scotland, La Chambre Verte is an immersive luxury hotel room experiment to measure the psychological and physical benefits of biophilic design through a multi-sensory experience combining the theory of biophilia with CBD rituals, meditation and sound therapy. 

The experimental room has been featured in National Geographic, The Times, Metro and Forbes, and visited by the Sustainability Editor of Conde Nast and the Editors of GQ, European Spa Magazine and more. 

Designed by plant experts Benholm and partner La Rue Verte (LRV), trailing ivies cascade down the walls of the bedroom, monstera leaves and palm fronds grace every view and eclectic clusters of lush foliage plants breathe life into the space. 

Echoing the practice of forest-bathing, an ancient Japanese process of relaxation, La Chambre Verte encourages guests to unwind in the green space of their hotel room, while observing nature’s beauty to feel stress levels reduced, happiness increased, and importantly, a better night’s sleep. 

Biophilic design, the incorporation of nature and natural elements into the ‘built’ environment, was central to the room’s success. “The idea of creating a biophilic room actually began in my own home during the first lockdown. Like most of us, I was suddenly forced to work full-time from home, running a business whilst simultaneously home-schooling my children and dealing with the daily pressures that come with that. I have always been a huge advocate of having plants around me – knowing their natural benefits for creating cleaner air – and I decided to clear out one room in my own home that was just for me to retreat into for meditation, breathing and mindfulness,” Emma continued.

The success of biophilic design doesn’t just end there, with independent research suggesting that hotel guests feel better for their experience that they are willing to pay up to 23% more for rooms with biophilic aspects.

With plants at the centre of everything they do, the Benholm Group was recently recognised and chosen as the official plant partner of the UN COP26 event in Glasgow. Their CEO Adrian Byne, said of the project: “At Benholm Group we have long understood the value plants can bring to every environment. To have the opportunity to work on a project which is designed to highlight the benefits of biophilia for mental as well as physical wellbeing has been a real joy”.

And what’s next for Emma, #Organics and La Rue Verte? 

“I really want to take the concept of ‘La Chambre Verte’ to the wider hospitality and spa sectors. The CBD market is growing at a substantial rate in the UK and biophilic design is more relevant now than ever before – as people emerge from lockdown, they are craving nature and greenery – both indoors and outdoors, and recognise the need to take better care of their mind and bodies. My mind is constantly coming up with new ideas on how to share the many benefits of CBD with the world and I hope to bring others within the spa industry on the journey with us!”

Find out more about Emma, #Organics and La Rue Verte on their website here.