Wellbeing resort operator Therme Group secures sustainability success as part of UN’s COP26 conference

Global wellbeing company – Therme Group – recently launched its ground-breaking partnership in the field of vertical farming at COP26 in Glasgow. This will see large-scale urban farms developed at Therme Group’s wellbeing destinations worldwide, allowing sustainable and locally grown, nutrient-rich fresh produce to be available to their locations all year round.

The partnership brings together Therme RPC, Therme’s dedicated wellbeing food and nutrition business, with world leading technology from IGS (Intelligent Growth Solutions), the UK-based agritech experts, to develop ‘Therme IGE’ (Intelligent Growth Ecosystems).

The produce grown within the Therme IGEs will be used in Therme’s restaurants, bars, and skin products. In comparison to traditional agriculture techniques, the Therme IGE concept drastically reduces water and energy consumption, with 80% less water use and an increase of 400% in space efficiency. 

This makes urban locations a viable option for large-scale food production. There are zero ‘food miles’ for the produce, which will initially include kale, rocket, basil and dill. The 100% pesticide-free concept results in enhanced flavours and nutrients, alongside an accelerated rate of plant growth.

Professor David Russell, CEO of Therme RPC said of the new partnership: “At the heart of Therme IGE’s vision is the ability to produce ‘more with less impact’. Our partnership with IGS fully embraces the use of leading-edge technology to drive the optimisation of on-site, sustainable, secure and nutrient dense fresh produce for our guests. Therme IGE’s incorporate interactive and immersive learning, new era farm shops and filtered water production – this is an exciting, of the moment, industry first at this scale and reach”.

Lucy Brialey, co-founder of the Sustainable Spa Association, welcomed the new partnership: “This partnership is a fantastic example of sustainable collaboration between industries and will help contribute to the reduction in carbon emissions that businesses within our industry produce. Every business and operator can find ways to improve their sustainability practices and procedures and this is another fantastic example of an organisation taking initiative and demonstrating what is required.

“Therme Group has always had a long-standing commitment to the environment and the communities it serves, and we can’t wait to see what exciting sustainability and environmentally-friendly initiatives they come up with next.”

Following recent announcements, Therme’s global development programme is moving at pace to create a worldwide network of wellbeing resorts, all of which are set to incorporate Therme IGE technology. The Group’s current European locations will soon be joined by projects in Manchester, Toronto and in the Frankfurt Rhein-Main region of Germany. In the pipeline are also additional locations to be announced in Wales, England, the USA and Asia Pacific.

Just recently, at the COP26 climate summit, Therme Group announced the location of its 2nd state-of-the-art UK project with the announcement of Therme Scotland. Expected to be around 320,000 sq ft in size and cost an estimated £100 million to build, the project will include a next-generation indoor water park, extensive thermal pools and spa, and a health and wellbeing centre. Additional elements of the project also include a vertical farm, which will enable sustainable and locally grown, nutrient-rich fresh produce to be available to the millions of guests that will visit every year. 

Therme links sustainability and wellbeing, working to enhance urban environments and deliver long term population health benefits. At Therme Scotland, in addition to the vertical farm, the group is looking at how it can introduce renewable heat sources and is considering both geothermal energy and water source heat pumps.

Therme’s projects benefit mental and physical health, rejuvenating all who visit, and making a positive economic and social impact for the communities they serve. Environmental consciousness is at the heart of Therme, using sustainable design and technology to create affordable and inclusive environments which welcome many millions of visitors every year.

Visit the Therme Group website for more information.