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We believe the spa industry has a responsibility to protect the world in which we live and to take care of the natural resources which we rely so heavily upon. The natural world is at the heart of our industry whether your spa business is a member or not, you can sign up to take part with the world’s leading spas to commit to making change, maintaining best environmental and socio-economic practices, and being pioneers in the continued efforts towards environmental consciousness and sustainability.

Spa is about the essence of wellbeing, and this begins and ends with the natural world and strong communities. Our footprint is set on a positive path that invites spa guests and spa professionals in a quest for a healthy future for future generations.

The Sustainable Spa Association is here to encourage participation and shifts in attitudes for the greater good of the planet, our people and the future of the global spa industry.

Join us in the mission to stop the use of single use plastic in spas.  With so many alternatives that are safe for the environment, there is no longer the need to be part of plastic pollution which damages the environment and all life on earth.

Climate Change is something we can actively help to slow down.  Joining #GlobalSpasToNetZero becomes part of your business goals by offsetting your carbon and actively reducing your footprint. 

Reduce your waste, save unnecessary waste going to landfill, reduce your business costs or become creative about how to reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse and return unwanted and wasteful items.