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Associations Across the World Partner with The SSA to Address Sustainability Needs in each Region.

Asia Pacific Spa and Wellness Coalition, The Spa Industry Association (USA and global), The South African Spa Association and Beaute Industrie (Australia) together with The Sustainable Spa Association have agreed a mutual partnership to understand and support Sustainability across the Globe. All the Associations have addressed sustainability with their members and have all agreed that […]

The first ISO certified spa in the world

My 360-degree consultancy led as a final result to confer an important certification to Preidlhof as the First Spa in the world that guarantees well-being through constant ISO control . My meeting with Siborg, an internationally known company for certification in terms of energy and environment, meant that the world of certifications met that of spas , hence the first ISO system developed for spas was […]

Healing Thermal Waters – Italy

Contributed by Cinzia Galletto – Sustainable Spa Association Ambassador The use of thermal waters for hydrotherapy, in the Mediterranean basin, was known since ancient times, as evidenced by the archaeological finds, by the literary and scientific testimonies, by the numerous epigraphs. These are treatments that have remained essentially unchanged for twenty-four centuries, with ups and downs […]

Addressing your Environmental Concerns about PPE as we Open Our Doors to Guests.

We have received many enquiries and concerns about managing the environmental threat of potentially contaminated single use face masks. We understand your concerns about a large amounts being discarded in the general waste to go to landfill, or worse, are littered in the environment. For those of us who have placed environmental factors as a […]

We are Recruiting Five New Board Members

Our MissionWe are a Not-For-Profit organisation that was founded to address the challenges faced, and to accelerate the ability to apply sustainability into global spa business practices.We offer our spa members the tools, services, and education to support sustainable change from within their spa business, using data driven resources and innovative environmental initiatives from within […]

Meet Stephanie and MeetthefiveRs

Stephanie Hodgson is our campaign partner and the brains behind our #spawastenotchallenge launching this week. Stephanie currently runs a project called MeetthefiveRs, referring to the five R’s of a circular economy: reduce, reuse, recycle, repair and return. This is an information sharing platform that is open source and non-profit. Through collaboration with local businesses and […]

Circular Economy EXPLAINED

We are proud to partner with Stephanie Hodgson from @MeetthefiveRs. This post is part of our collaborative series which will introduce you to the CIRCULAR ECONOMY and eventually our #SpaWasteNotChallenge.  Written for the Sustainable Spa Association by Stephanie Hodgson from MeetthefiveRs Traditionally, we have taken or extracted materials from the earth and our natural world, […]