We Cosmoprof International


WeCOSMOPROF International is the digital event not to be missed besides the scheduled physical events in 2021, whether you are looking for new business partners or you just wish to remain updated on the beauty market news.

Today more than ever  there is an expectation that we must radically reduce our impact on the natural world. And, where possible, create positive impact for people and the planet. 

Sustainability sits at the heart of our beauty industry and it must be at the core of everyone’s strategy. This session will focus on the sustainability challenges we are facing today, as well as those that will impact on future generations.

Sustainability sits at the heart of our beauty industry and it must be at the core of everyone’s strategy.

Our Co-Founder Lucy Brialey will be part of a panel discussing Sustainability on 17th June 2021, we would love you to join Us

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World Wellness weekend

The SSA Supports World Wellness Weekend.

How Does It Work?

Sign up on their website here 

Organise fun and free events on the 18th and 19th September 2021

Make sure to organise a fun experiential activity where your team pours their heart to rise above competition.
Participants will want join, not because it is free, but because it is original & meaningful.
Stay posted here for The SSA to announce their activity and partcipation!
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#SpaWasteNotChallenge Overview

Written for the Sustainable Spa Association by Stephanie Hodgson from MeetthefiveRs

Spas around the world are invited to take part in our campaign

to find a creative solution for one of their waste streams.


Businesses of all kinds generate mountains of rubbish. 

Spas exist to pamper and rejuvenate bodies and minds but our services should not be at the expense of the environment and the rest of the people on the planet. Our industry could be doing more to minimise what we are sending to landfill.

We believe in the principles of a circular economy and at its core is the idea that nothing goes to waste. We have a vision for the spa industry where all our goods, materials, products and packaging remain in a closed loop so that we no longer take more than we need from our natural world and then dump what we no longer want into corners of the world that we pretend don’t exist.

One person’s waste is another’s treasure. 

Let’s put that old adage into practice! We can find all kinds of ways for the output of our spas to become ‘food’ for other processes. We could even be supplying valuable material (ie our waste) to other local businesses at little to no cost to both. This could mean strengthening local economies whilst relieving the pressure that our businesses place on economic and natural systems.

Through our #SpaWasteNotChallenge, we hope to see:

Creativity and ingenuity

Team-building within spas

Competitive spirit between spas around the world

A more unified industry through a common goal

Collaboration between our industry and other

Collective impact from a singular campaign


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