of spas think environmental issues are important to their customers


of spas want to improve sustainability in their day to day operations


of spas believe education and employee engagement is needed to achieve improvements

Your spa sustainability journey

By becoming a member of The Sustainable Spa Association, you are joining a global community of spa operators who are committed to taking our industry forward in a way that shows respect for community and personal empowerment, planetary awareness, minimising environmental footprint and with business acumen and process that allows healthy economic prosperity.

Sustainability is an ever evolving journey so it’s always the right time to join in. As an association we take away the stress of figuring out best practice for your business, and help you along the way through initiatives, campaigns, education and partnerships with pro-sustainability spa industry suppliers and sustainable development experts.

We offer data driven resources through our Sustainable Impact Assessment that leads to an accreditation to show that your business cares for the health of the environment, cares about their team and their community and cares about the future of their business success.

Individual Spa membership
£250 one spa property
Small Group Spa membership
From £200 per Spa
large group spa membership
From £150 per Spa


Helping your spa business to achieve sustainability

Member of the Association have access to an exclusive network of businesses, suppliers and consumers, all of whom you can be confident share the same values and principles of overall health, wellbeing, and sustainability.

You can be confident that the business partnerships you make through the Association will be meaningful, sustainable and forward thinking, helping to create a movement towards a better future.

What's inside the membership?

Meet the demand for greater sustainability from consumers

Workshops and Diplomas

Education that builds long term success in sustainability planning and implementation


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as Global Goals, are a set of 17 integrated and interrelated goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that humanity enjoys peace and prosperity by 2030.

SDG’s can be related to and associated with a core set of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) within your business as well as used to strengthen business knowledge of sustainability by assigning them to business and individual team member KPI’s.

£845 Non-member rate

£500 members rate

£450 when purchased with at the point of membership application 



An Introduction to Spa Sustainability

This course is designed for individuals within spa teams who would benefit from understanding more about the concepts of sustainability.

Participants will learn how sustainable development promotes positive actions in their own lives, at work, for spa guests, the local community, the environment and the economy.


Spa Sustainability


This course is designed for senior leaders with no prior education in sustainable business management.

Participants will learn how to Implement Sustainable Business Policies, Report on the Triple Bottom Line, Drive Sustainable Development, Cost Reduction and ROI, Sustainable Procurement.

*Educational courses are additional to the standard member fee.  Further savings can be made by purchasing when applying for membership.


Be Outstanding

Make sustainability second nature to your spa business.  

The SSA mark of Accreditation lets your customers know you are invested in a sustainable approach to business and will make a real impact to the environment and the people connected to it.

The Accreditation process is a measurement and audit that helps spas become more adept and aware of the importance of the preservation of socio-economic and environmental issues. 

A respected 3rd party verification that your spa business can be proud to display, showing a deep understanding and implementation of more sustainable ways to care for your business, team and guests  by measuring 12 areas of the daily business operations.  

Through taking the accreditation we can offer you advice and guidance specifically for your spa including reducing energy, saving water, measuring and reducing waste, purchasing, updating to green business policies, staff and guest engagement with your goals and adopting a smart and sustainable reporting system that leads to positive PR and trust from consumers.

* Accreditation is additional to the standard member fee.  Further savings can be made by purchasing when applying for membership.

The Business case for Sustainability

The spa and wellness sector is ideally placed to focus on environmental health, human health and financial prosperity, in tandem and in equal parts.

A Holistic Business Opportunity

Sustainability improves knowledge and practice related to a holistic business approach.

Sustainability is no longer viewed as an alternative business model and has been proven to contribute to cost reduction, improve the reputation of the business through value lead thinking, increase opportunity for ‘green investment’ and improve organisational performance.

Evidence shows that sustainable business practices create a 33% higher revenue

*Ing Bank 2021

A Responsible Business Choice for Wellness

It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure our businesses use the very best practice that is available to us and uphold the pillars of sustainability: People, Planet and Prosperity

A shared mindset and contribution to uphold these values in the Spa and Wellness Sector will bring about profound health and business benefits for future generations.


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