Becoming a Member

By joining the Sustainable Spa Association, you are committing to join us on a journey to take our industry forward. It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure our businesses use the very best practice that is available to us.

As an Association we take away the stress of figuring out best environmental practice for your business, and help you along the way. We offer data driven resources and the most up to date environmental initiatives from within and outside the spa industry. 

You will also gain access to tools and services to ensure this is the case. We provide an independent service, and offer continuous support.

Our Sustainable Impact Assessment measures 12 areas of your daily operations.

Take a demo of the Sustainable Impact Assessment here 

As a member, once you have completed you assessment, we evaluate your instant results and will guide you on the way to reaching your SSA accreditation. 

In addition you have access to 

  • A library of unique educational resources, advice and expert panels
  • Buyers Resources to quickly find the products or services you need. pre vetted by The SSA to validate sustainability claims
  • Networking and buyer events
  • Unique industry data and insights
  • Benchmarking 

Here’s a few reasons why nurturing the values of sustainability makes long term sense for your business.

Meeting the demands of today’s consumers. Cross industry, consumers are now thinking outside of their own health and wellbeing to the impact this has on the world around them.  They are looking for and have an expectation that a spa will be meeting these criteria.  Promoting sustainability attracts and retains new and meaningful business and strengthens your spas reputation.

Attracting and retaining the very best talent in your spa team. Spa team members have their roots firmly in the wellbeing of your guests.  Being able to learn about and promote a truly healthy approach is attractive to new and existing team members and shows long term integrity in their professional development.

We advise a two year commitment to ensure enough time for sufficient change to be implemented.

Please contact us for group spa membership rates.  Please note each property is accredited individually.

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We are pleased to offer a special 2020 discount of 25% off the first year’s membership fee. This offer ends on 31st December 2020.
Access to a members only web portal
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Recognised industry accreditation
Buyers Resources?
Educational Resource Centre
Latest environmental news, policies, and updates for the spa industry.
Take part in our research and campaigns

Membership Application

Please fill out the membership application below to tell us about your spa and your sustainability goals.

When we receive your application we will activate your membership and you will receive your login details via email.