innovative environmental leadership and sustainable business practice

We have focussed on introducing a net carbon zero product offering supporting carbon reduction projects and socio-economic programmes in the developing world that will strike a chord with customers and key stake holders.

We work with you to calculate the carbon impact of products and treatments provided as part of the Spa portfolio and services, delivering an impact value in tonnes which is then offset via the purchasing of carbon credits to the same value.

All projects are Gold Standard and VCS accredited, reducing co2 emissions and improving socio-economic conditions for target communities, making quantifiable contributions to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our partnership with Gaia Together enables us to offer a full end to end consultancy service offering environmental audits, guidance and advice to support sustainable business and best practice, together with a portfolio of Gold Standard & Verified Carbon projects.

Spa Carbon Calculator

Offsetting is simple. We calculate the emissions that are generated from your spa’s operational activities.

These may include the energy and other resources that your buildings use, the travel you undertake, even the products you sell – from the procurement of materials, manufacturing and then through to their delivery and even daily use.

Having identified where the carbon is created, and how, we then help you offset this amount through a number of sustainable environmental schemes that have a positive social impact as well as balancing your carbon footprint. We manage the scheme and certify that your organisation is carbon-neutral.

Socio-Economic Carbon Reduction Projects