Lucy Brialey

Lucy’s 23 years of experience in the industry has given her insight into global spa culture, products and services. Lucy understands the requirements of the day to day running of a spa and has seen, first hand, the consumer and business impact on the environment.

Lucy has a keen interest in the environmental impact of the industry and has studied sustainability in order to increase her knowledge of where improvements can be made.

Rob Cooper

Rob is Managing Director of Scrummi, which he founded in 2009. Scrummi provide sustainable, eco-friendly, biodegradable single use textile solutions to the hair salon and spa industries. Scrummi products are used throughout the spa industry by leading organisations to reduce their carbon footprint by up to 90%.

Robert is interested in the application of practical and profitable sustainable solutions within operational businesses.


Tracy Brasenall
Board Member

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Alberto Apostoli
Board Member

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We are welcoming applications to be a Board Member of The Sustainable Spa Association.  With only two positions available for 2020/21 we are seeking applicants with the following qualities to join us in our launch and to be part of our steering group for the first 24 months of this exciting and unique project:
  • Part of a business with leading sustainability research and practices – able to bring/share this expertise to our work for the spa community
  • A professional skill, expertise or network that can support or benefit the SSA internal business processes (marketing, business strategy, network) 
  • A professional skill or expertise in Sustainable business practices that can contribute to the output from SSA to spa community 
  • Proven business integrity and reputation either in spa or sustainability
  • Dynamic attitude, passion and belief in values of a not-for-profit with a specific interest in spa
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