Lucy Brialey

Lucy is an experienced Spa Director having been in the Wellness Industry for 25years.

Her experience has given her insights into International Spa Culture, Trends, Products and Services. She has an in-depth understanding of Spa Operations and has seen, first hand, the consumer and business impact on the environment.

Environmental issues have always been close to her heart leading her to study Concepts in Sustainable Development.  With this she has brought her passion for sustainability and knowledge of spa together to form The Sustainable Spa Association. 

She is a firm believer in human health and the health of the planet going hand-in-hand and one not being able to exist without the other.  She believes the future success of the spa industry relies on sustainable business practices and is dedicating her career to building a framework of sustainability and education to the Global Spa Sector.


Rob Cooper

Rob is Managing Director of Scrummi, which he founded in 2009. Scrummi provide sustainable, eco-friendly, biodegradable single use textile solutions to the hair salon and spa industries. Scrummi products are used throughout the spa industry by leading organisations to reduce their carbon footprint by up to 90%.

Robert is interested in the application of practical and profitable sustainable solutions within operational businesses.

SSA BOARD MEMBERS and ambassadors

Tracy Brasenall
Board Member

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Alberto Apostoli
Board Member

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Cinzia Galetto

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We are welcoming applications to be a Board Member of The Sustainable Spa Association. 
We have five positions available to be filled in 2021.
The board guides the direction, strategy, education and activities we deliver to our members.

The role of a board member is a two year voluntary position that brings the opportunity to collaborate and further develop the association. A board member is expected to be an advisor and contributor of valuable expertise for the continuous improvement of the association and its members.

Please view the following positions below and apply using the online form


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